Fresh leaves, bark and root of orange tree


Peak blood


Intense licorice, bitter and spicy



Vermut 15% alc.vol. Contiene sulfitos

El vermut Carmeleta Rosso es una SANGRE naranja. Born from the fire and passion of Valencia. Land of essence and character, orange tree sap. Vermouth Rosso transports you to the purest origin of Vermouth, wormwood, mugwort, elderflower, hibiscus and Cretan díctamo as main basics, masterfully closed with leaves, bark and orange root and the distinction of caramel and cinnamon saigon make it a unique and exuberant adaptation of the purest classic vermouth.

Hedonistic essence of the original vermouth formula

Tasting Note

Notes of licorice and citrus rind, fragrant and intense as a whole. A pleasant and very particular aromatic structure wrapped in balsamic nuances. Made from Muscat, Malvasia, Planta Nova and Macabeo grapes. Good intensity in the mouth, very well balanced with acidity, easy entry, fresh and ample. Long bitter and spicy aftertaste. Balanced anatomy, cherry color, gourmand. A harmonious vermouth, capable of balancing acidity, sweetness and bitterness with the balance of Saigon cinnamon.


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