Your carmeleta moment

Carmeleta Liqueur Aperitif is ALMA de naranjo. A new way of understanding the aperitif liqueur that combines different Mediterranean techniques, distillation, infusion of botanicals and maceration.
Balanced harmony of local grapes, malvasia and planta nova and the hand maceration of orange tree roots, fresh leaves, authentic Valencia orange peel and Tuscan Garfagnana helichrysum, a blend of the origins of the cradle of the aperitif.
Vermouth Carmeleta Rosso is the BLOOD of the orange tree. Born from the fire and passion of Valencia. A land of essence and character, the sap of the orange tree.
Vermouth Carmeleta Rosseta is cosmopolitan and contemporary, with a fresh and zany fragrance of spices such as ginger and Saigon cinnamon.
Vermouth Carmeleta Orange is orange tree FLESH. Its character is the authenticity of Valencia's citrus fruits. Smelling and tasting it will transport you to this land that drinks from the Mediterranean, to its purest essence.
Vermouth Carmeleta Bianco is SAVIA of orange tree. A gentleman of classic cut and refreshing sip of ginger and Mediterranean undergrowth, with a bitter finish like life.